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Let's try NIFCLOUD mobile backend

Instant push is available!

Push Notification

Connected to FCM, APNs can send push notifications to your apps very easily. You can customize your push messages, reserve the time to deliver push messages, and also specify devices to deliver etc. We support also webpages and rich dialogue push messages.

  • User Management

    User login, registration, and user management of apps are supported in this feature. You can create and manage all the user related settings easily.

  • Datastore

    Create your own data structure of apps.
    You can easily manage them with this feature. settings easily.

  • Filestore

    We use reliable NIFCLOUD storage. Data encryption is also supported.

  • SNS

    Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple login authentication features.

  • Geo Location

    Geolocation data registration and search features.

  • Script

    You can customize script code and it will be able to put into servers. It will help you to create your own logic for apps.



  • Basic


    1M times/mo
    API requests
    1M times/mo
    Push notification
    File size limit
    50K times/mo
    Script API Request times
    250K sec/mo
    Script Total Processing Time
    Community Support
  • Expert

    JPY55,000/mo (tax-included)

    50M times/mo
    API requests
    10M times/mo
    Push notification
    File size limit
    1M times/mo
    Script API Request times
    500K sec/mo
    Script Total Processing Time
    Technical Support
    by mobile backend professionals
  • Customize


    Customized Support